Mar 23, 2007

Bouquet Garni : Put a tiny potager in your cooking...

Put a tiny potager* in your cooking...
*a Potager is a Kitchen Garden, from Potage which means Soup
The Bouquet garni (garnished bouquet) is a bundle of herbs mainly used to prepare Fond (stock), Soupe (soup) and Pot-au-Feu (stew).
The bouquet is boiled with the other ingredients, but should be removed prior to consumption ! If you have to use a blender, it would damage the blade or the engine...
The most commun recipe for bouquet garni is :

  • Persil (parsley) stems, save the leaves for decoration or cooking
  • Grains de Poivre (peppercorns),
  • Thym (thyme),
  • Feuilles de Laurier (bay leaves).

More ingredients could also be added, for example, Basilic (basil), Feuille de Celeri (celery leaf), Cerfeuil (chervil), Romarin (rosemary) and Estragon (tarragon)...
Ingredients are usually tied together with string or a tiny leek leaf.
If you want to be sure that all the ingredients won't be appart in your pot, for example while skimming your stock, I recommend you use a cheese cloth or a tea strainer instead (tea bag or coffee filter will also do).

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