May 10, 2012

Makrout el Louz... Cookie Made in Algeria...

You know how much I like cookies, financiers, madeleines, Russian tea balls, vanilla kipferln, anise bredele, traou mad,... just hit the label cookie on my blog and you will have a long list of those recipes...

While catching up with my homework by browsing some of my favorite culinary blogs and websites, I noticed a recipe of almond and orange blossom water cookie, Makrout el Louz, traditional from Algeria, on Albarock Channel... Their videos are often fun to watch and always very instructive...

For the dough :
  • 500 gr almond flour
  • 125 gr icing sugar
  • 3 eggs (120gr)
  • 2 lemons (zest)
  • Orange blossom water
For the syrup :
  • 500 gr water
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 50 gr orange blossom water
For coating :
  • 500 gr icing sugar

  • Mix all ingredients with the flat beater of your kitchen aid.
  • Let it rest in the fridge for 30 mn
  • Roll in 3/4 inches to form a log. Cut in diamond shape
  • Bake for 10 mn at 325 F.
  • Meanwhile, boil water with sugar. Add orange water.
  • Soak the baked cookies (still hot) in the warm syrup for about 30 s. then drain.
  • Then coat with icing sugar several times (2 or 3 times)
  • When cool down, store in a tin container.

Watch the tutorial on Albarock Channel here...


Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

simplyalgerian said...

very well done, bravo!