Mar 26, 2007

Emulsified Sauces (II) : the Sabayon

When preparing a warm emulsified sauce, you will need to whisk an egg yolk (jaune d'oeuf) with flavoring elements into a foamy mixture over a hot water bath until it becomes thick and airy. This preparation is called SABAYON and is the base of many classic warm emulsified sauces and deserts in French Cuisine.
Sabayon might be hassled to prepare as it is very sensible at temperature. It might easily turned to scrumbled eggs if you don't take care of it.
Here are the tips for a successful Sabayon :
  • when preparing, no contact allowed between the hot water bath and the bowl where are the ingredients
  • do not overheat (except if you want scrambled eggs :-)). Ideal temperature is 120 degrees F. (49 degrees C)
  • add the flavored element in the egg yolk (e.g. clarified butter for preparation of a sauce) in a steady slow stream (or the sauce may break)
  • after completion, keep warm for service but not too hot (or the sauce may break)

Streak marks on the bottom of the bowl indicate that the preparation is sufficiently cooked. You should then start the preparation of your emulsified warm sauce right away.

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