Apr 9, 2007

Concentration cooking (I) : Poele and Roasting

Primarily used for cooking large roasts of veal or pork, Poele method can also be used for large poultry. "Carre de Porc poele" is one receipe using poele method.
Roasting method is usually used for young, whole poultry and first category large cuts of red meat and game. "Poulet roti Grand-Mere", for example, is one receipe using this method.

Poele and roasting methods are very similar :

  • season and brown all sides in a pan
  • place the bones, trimmings and aromatic garniture in a sautoir
  • cooked by direct heat in the dry atmosphere of the oven

The only major difference is that the item should be covered while in the oven for poele method whereas the item stays uncovered when roasting.

! Tips

  • don't use a fork or a thermometer as they will puncture the meat and let the juice coming out
  • bast with fat liquid every 10 mn r it will become very dry
  • item is cooked when juices run clear with no trace of blood (internal temperature should be 140 to 150 degrees F (60 to 66 degrees C))
  • allow resting for 1/3 of its cooking time to allow juice to redisperse evenly throughout the meat

You could find a detailed procedure for poele here and roasting here (only in french unfortunately...) ...