Jun 23, 2007

Wine Pairing (3) : Food Texture and Temperature

Crispy dishes are often fried calling for a bubbly beverage (Champagne, sparkling wine, beer...). Rich dishes often play well off equally rich beverages. Think of the combination of foie gras with Sauternes liquorus white wine !

Temperature, outside or related to the dish, plays a great role too : the same roasted chicken that goes well with a Pinot Noir when served hot will pair with a chilled Rosé when served cold.

Cooking technique affects both the texture and the temperature of a dish. Tuna can be served raw as Sushi or hot off the grill, each with different flavor, temperature, texture and pairing implication : Champagne vs Pinot Noir.

Cold and crunchy raw carrot vs hot carrot soup : the first seeking crispness and freshness in a wine (Sauvignon Blanc), the soup seeks a wine with residual sugar to match its own (an off-dry Riesling).

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