Jul 21, 2007

Marmite Dieppoise (2) : History and Region


Marmite Dieppoise is a fish dish invented in the 1960's by the lady who owned the Restaurant of the same name in the town of Dieppe. When she retired, she sold the restaurant to her head chef and gave him the rights to her recipe, although not the secret of the ingredients. However, he had watched carefully over the years and knew exactly what went into it![1]
The restaurant located in the street connecting the National place to the quay Duquesne, the famous native sailor of Dieppe which held in failure all the European fleets at the XVIIe century, was founded 40 years ago per Mrs. Maurice in an old tavern of sailors, "Café du Tréport".
Mussels and shrimps are likely to be found in combination of any fish described as à la Dieppoise. For example, Sole Dieppoise (poached fillets of Sole with velouté sauce), Potage Dieppois (soup) Filets de Merlans à la Dieppoise (poached fillets of Whiting).


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