Feb 18, 2008

Two Great Sauces for Fish

Sauce orange carotte au Champagne - Orange carrot and Champagne sauce :
A very healthy sauce with fruit and vegis, to serve with a white flesh fish. This is a reduction of orange and carrot juices (tant pour tant, half orange juice and half carrot juice). You can add grouded cumin and a couple of TBS of champagne (opt). Finish it up by swirling butter ("monter au beurre") and emulsifying with an immersion blender. The secret is in the slow process of reduction of the juices.

Sauce verte au persil et à l'ail - Garlic and parsley green sauce :

Sweat pureed garlic with olive oil or butter (no color). Add chicken stock and boil. Add some parsley and let infuse. Bind with a little bit of cream and mix with an immersion blender. Add pine nuts and serve with a white flesh fish.

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