Jan 17, 2010

French King Cake

Galette des Rois
Ingredients :
  • Puff pastry (approximately 2 x 250g)
  • Almond paste (frangipane)
  • Soft butter (en pommade) 125 gr
  • Powder sugar 75 gr
  • Almond powder 175 gr
  • Corn starch 20 gr
  • Eggs 3
  • Rum 1 cl

Procedure :
Mix butter pommade with sugar, add 2 eggs one by one, incorporate almond powder, corn starch and rum.
Roll the 2 puff pastry doughs and cut 2 circles of same diameter. Let rest ½ an hour.

Place the 1st circle on a sheet pan. Spread almond cream in the large center and place the trinket (fève).

Brush eggwash (1 beaten egg) at the circumference of the dough. Cover with the 2nd dough.
Seal the edge of both disks with your fingertips, brush with eggwash (dorure) the top and let rest for 15 mn.
Brush with the remaining dorure a second time and press the top of the cake with a fork drawing decorative lines.
Bake in a warm oven at 240° C./460° F for approximately 35 minutes.

Special tips from the Chef :

Add a tablespoon of honey in the dorure (give a shiny and amber look to the galette)
Out from the oven, brush some simple syrup (boiled water + sugar) on the top of the pancake (the heat will help to give a nice shine)

Bon appétit

Enjoy this beautifull slideshow on Galette des Rois here

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