Mar 23, 2007


I decided to create this blog as I am in a "kinda" unique amazing experience (from my point of view at least).
At late 30's, I have decided to take a break after 15 years of hard working and dedication to my IT job in a telecom company in France.
At the beginning of 2006, I watched a TV program on French Channel (FRANCE2) about
The French Culinary Institute in New York, "au pays de la mal-bouffe*" , as it was said in the program.
* mal = tasteless / bouffe = grub or food
I have always been very interested in Cooking, French and International, doing it and tasting it. My working life was through a dull pace, nothing exciting really and relationship torn up by pressure of profit-driven performance or fear of loosing a job just like many ordinary salarymen. I also always thought that an "only one employer for a life time" would never happen nowadays. So better to have multiple education, preferably in a field related to your passions...
So it took me about a year to plan this adventure (I would write it later if certain readers were interested in the whole process...).
So here I am "in the Jungle of Manhattan"
(as greeted by our Caribbean taxi driver during the JFK to downtown transit).

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