Mar 23, 2007

Why that name THE BLUE CHEF ?

A rookie is a beginner in any field like Army, University (raw recruit), Sport and obviously Cooking. He has got no experience at all and owes respect to the most experienced (at least, that's what the eldest think or hope...).
In French language, the translation for a rookie is a Bleu (blue) which is very suitable to my present situation !
I am a rookie in the world of French Cuisine. I enjoy cooking very much from time to time but I lack the bases of LA CUISINE FRANCAISE, for example :
- Tour de main (knowhow),
- Techniques and terms,
- Equipements, knives, pans,
- Creation of receipes, right associations of ingredients,
- etc...
Bleu is also :
- one of the 3 colors of our national flag,
- the color associated to my first name, Laurent
- my favorite color.

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Francois said...

My Dear Brother,

blue is not exactly the colour of hope, which in fact is green. Indeed, green is a mix of blue and yellow. So, blue is one of the ingredients of the colour of hope.

In fact, blue is the colour of success, as the french soccer team shirts...

I'll Talk to you later on Skype...