Jul 23, 2007

Seasonal Menu (1) : 4-course regional menu of Normandy


Kir Normand, Poiré
Measure of Blackcurrant with Apple Cider, Pear Cider

Mise en Bouche

Duo d’huitres et Pommes Reinette Gratinées au Cidre, façon Isigny
Duo of Oysters and Apple Gratin Flavored with Cider[1], Made in Isigny[2]


Mille-feuilles[3] Croustillant au Livarot
Puff Pastry Filling with Livarot
[4] Cheese

Marmite Dieppoise accompagnée de son Risotto au Camembert d’Isigny[2]
Fish Stew Cooked with Mussels, Shrimps and Cream
served with its Camembert Risotto

Tuile Moelleuse Meringuée au Petit Suisse[5] et sa Poêlée de Cassis
Smooth Cookie topped with Fresh White Cheese Meringue and its Pan-Fry Blackcurrants

Calvados, Pommeau, Bénédictine
Apple Brandy, Cider and Apple Brandy, Herbal Liqueur

[1] The Cider is a regional fermented apple beverage produced in Normandy.
The small town of Isigny in Normandy is an important milk production area, known for its AOC butter and cream, as well as its cheeses. Since the second half of the 20th century, oysters have been extensively cultivated nearby in the Baie des Veys. In that recipe, “Made in” means that the oysters, cream and butter are products of Isigny.
Mille-feuilles (meaning one thousand sheets in French) is a traditional French dessert made of several layers of puff pastry alternating with a sweet filling. Mille-feuilles is now adapted in contemporary Cuisine as imaginative types of savory, with the same technique of laying alternatively puff pastry or filo or brick sheets.
Livarot is one of the oldest cheeses (17th century) from the countryside around Livarot, a small village in Normandy.
[5] Contrary to what its name suggests, literally “the little Swiss” is from Normandy and not Switzerland. It is due to the fact that a Swiss employee at a dairy in Auvilliers had the original idea of enriching cream with milk for cheese in the 1850s.

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