Jul 23, 2007

Seasonal Menu (2) : Motivations for the choice of the dishes

Camembert, Petit-suisse, Livarot

This menu is based on regional ingredients and products of Normandy, such as Cream, Butter, Apples, Cider, Seafood, Cheeses… Some of the dishes chosen on the menu are prepared in a contemporary way; famous traditional dishes like Risotto or Mille-feuilles are adapted for a different end: by referring to the traditional recipe including the original concept with regional Norman ingredients, the whole characteristics of the dish are transformed.
The Mise en Bouche is a very contemporary sucré-salé dish with oysters, apples, shallots, cream and butter and a few drops of Norman Cider, under the salamander for a nice gratinée texture, flavor and color.
For the Mille-feuilles Croustillant au Livarot, ingredients and preparations are completely different from the traditional well-known French dessert (no puff pastry dough, no pastry cream…) as the dish presented is turned into a savory. Only the specific original presentation technique is kept: sheets of filo dough alternatively layered with Livarot slices and a vegetables preparation (leeks, mushrooms and shallots with Cider).
For the Risotto au Camembert, usual basic ingredients such as Arborio Rice, Chicken stock, onions ciselés and the cooking technique are used. Just the Camembert in dices is added at the very end of the preparation.
To finish the meal, I have intentionally chosen a fresh, light and fruity dessert, made with blackcurrants and an Italian meringue mixed with the famous local fresh soft white cheese, Le Petit-Suisse. Shredded pistachios are added to the traditional Tuile batter.
No cheese dish is added to the menu since regional cheeses are already well represented throughout Camembert (for Risotto), Livarot (for Mille-feuilles) and Petit-Suisse for the Tuile.
Kir Normand, Cidre, Poiré and Liqueurs based on apples or herbs are perfectly representative of the region so I have used them instead of wines as Normandy is not a wine region at all.

Calvados, Bénédictine, Poiré

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