Aug 21, 2007

Station Entremetier : Lamb loin with its jus (3)

For the third day at the Entremetier station, nobody had ideas of a canapé so we went to the Store Room of the kitchen and asked if there was any left over from yesterday. The attendant reappeared with a rack of lamb chops... Then, after a brief brainstorm, we decided we could use the loin and cut it into thin slices, leaning on the small cake made of couscous. The plate would be spooned on a small square plate with a jus made of mirepoix and lamb rack's bones and reduced. The meat would be left in a marinade of "our way" pesto... The couscous would be multicolored thanks to yellow, red bell peppers confetti, plus jalapeno (green) peppers and dried currants.

Below the details of the ingredients and procedure...

"Pesto-our-way" marinade :
  1. Blend rosemary, mint, garlic, lemon, olive oil, cashew and parmesan
  2. Marinate the lamb meat for one hour.
  3. Pan sear in hot sauteuse and roast until 140-160°F (60-70°C) depending on the desired doneness...
Multicolored couscous :

  1. Cook the grains with boiled chicken stock,adding red and yellow peppers confetti, jalapeno confetti, dried currants and saffran.
  2. Add olive oil when cooked and egrainer with a fork.
Jus :

  1. Brown in a rondeau coated with oil the lambs scraps, then the mirepoix (onions, celery and carrots). Remove the oil and deglaze with red wine.

  2. Add ½ lamb stock, ½ veal stock and bring to a boil, with rosemary, thyme and bayleaf.

  3. Let reduce until the sauce coats the back of a spoon.
Plating :

  1. In a small square white plate, spoon some of the couscous (using a round cutter).
  2. Lean with one thin slice of lamb. Spoon a little jus and top with a little tree of rosemary.