Aug 20, 2007

Station Entremetier : Doing Canapés...(1)

At the station Entremetier at the FCI restaurant L'ECOLE, we are asked to prepare canapés...That's interesting since each two, three or four students (depending on the attendance) come with some ideas and gather them through brainstorming to create most of the time a new canapé... For the first day, we had to plate more than 80 orders... Quite a busy day!

On the first day, we prepared bacon and prune filling wrapped in filo dough. We used blanched chives to close both side to make them look like candy wraps... We plated with pear brunoise mixed with crunched walnuts and added a cream and blue cheese (roquefort) sauce.
We actually used a foamer.
And we served the canapés on a small triple plate : the first for the candy-like, the second for the blue cheese foam and the third for the brunoise pear-walnut.

The creation was the success of the day !