Sep 12, 2007

Creative Trays Plating for 9/11 Memory Cocktail at the French Consulate

I spent this whole afternoon tuesday doing an extra at The French Consulate. In memory of the 9/11, the Consulate organized a concert followed by a cocktail for around 80 guests. The menu included one-bite size quiche lorraine, blue cheese and walnut stuffed figs, smoked salmon and beurre manié (citrus and dill flavored butter) spread on white bread sandwiches, spinach samosas, persillade flavored with Pastis and snails vol-au-vent, melon ball and speck skewers.
During that afternoon, I learned many interesting ways of decorating trays for serving amuse-bouches. I found his ideas very simple, imaginative and elegant.
Here are the elements used for three differents trays.
First layout
One black tray, one Makisu* unrolled on the tray (should be smaller than the tray), split green peas displayed on the uncovered part of the tray and a couple of seashelves to decorate, the amuse-bouches to be displayed on the mat.
*in Japanese cooking, a makisu (巻き簾) is a mat woven from bamboo and cotton string that is used in sushi preparation

Second layout
One black tray, split red lentils displayed on the tray, 4 dry lasagna dough slices symetrically displayed on the tray and 4 black pebbles (galets) displayed on the tray, the amuse-bouches to be served on the lasagna stripes...

Third layout
One black tray, long cinammon sticks (ideally of same length than the tray) spread over the tray horizontally or verticaly and some dry flowers to decorate...

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