Sep 15, 2007

Pro Tools & Equipments in Commercial Kitcken

One of the very important thing to master in a commercial kitchen is the name and usage of cooking equipments, some are unusual or never seen in a domestic kitchen. Here is a diaporama of the major tools you should have heard of in order to properly understand instructions and orders of the Chef or the Sous-Chef. This sounds obvious but you should also be able to locate them in the kitchen space and put them back in the same place when you've done with them. The respect of this point is very important in a well run and organized kitchen. Right place - means consistency of placement and hand-reachable - saves a lot of time in your cooking and prevents from receiving irritated remarks from other fellow colleagues!

Following this link will allow you to test your knowledge on kitchen tools and equipments with Multiple Choice, Matching and True or False questions. Have a try!

Another good thing to know when working in a professional kitchen is that electric tools are most of the time called by their brand-name :

We don't said : "go and get the blender" but "go and get the Vita-Prep"

...Robot Coup stands for food processor...

...Kitchen Aid for mixer.

If you've heard of Hobart, this is not the name of the wife of the Chef but a professional mixer to be used for huge amounts. For example, a Kitchen Aid bowl will only allow to contain around 12 egg whites beaten. If more, you will use a Hobart...

Finally for that post, here are the 3 most common mixer attachments you will use (Hobart and Kitchen Aid) : the whisk, the paddle and the hook.

I hope this post will be useful to you to learn a little bit about the jargon (gibberish) of a commercial kitchen...