Sep 26, 2007

Vegis : Early Morning at the Green Market in Union Square (I)

Manhattan has an amazing Green Market on Union Square place (14th street between 5th Avenue and Broadway) four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). If you've have choice, you should visit either Wednesday or Saturday when more sellers are in the place. As an european, you won't be too impressed at first sight by the size of Green Market, not comparable to the numerous and busy lively markets you find on every place in cities, towns and villages of Europe. But, if you keep looking at the displays, you will find amazing vegetables, flavorful and full of color especially under a shiny sun. All sellers are local and independent producers. The products are organic grown without using any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Of course, price are more expensive than in supermarkets but quality is outstanding, choice is wide and rare species can be found (see following posts...). This is a vegetable and fruits market with some shops where you can also buy breads and cheeses. But fish sellers are very rare (I have once noticed one) and there is no meat stand. In you come early morning, you will notice that there are many buyers wearing Restaurant kitchen jackets. Indeed, many famous New York restaurants shop there (Jean-Georges, Gramecy Tavern, Paillard, etc...) which prove the great quality of products to shop here!
Enjoy the pictures...

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy very much your concise and very informative blog.
Everything, every event, every visit are cheerfully described and wonderfully explained.
I am glad that I finally have found a Blog where there are passion,tradition, history, love of food and, most of all, the warm heart of "Bleu Chef" who has a humble and kind attitude not like many other pretentious "Grosse Tete"!!