Sep 24, 2007

Wine Tasting : Wine Curriculum Sheet

A few months, I wrote a few posts about Wine & Pairing. At that time, I was looking for a Wine Curriculum Sheet that I could use while wine tasting. Such a document could easily be downloaded on the web but I didn't find what I considered a good support. All of them just mention the different items of a wine tasting evaluation : Sight, Scent, Palate, Grape... but without any terminology or vocabulary for helping the amateur that I am to describe with the proper words.
For example, the texture can be between light and boldy sparkling, the color of red from purple to brown, the color of white between from yellow to brown, the flavor can be described from quiet to loud, etc...
So I decided to create my own WCS for "les nuls" (the dummies) with diagrams, drawings and a list of adjectives for every grape variety you could choose from.

Colors of Red

Colors for White

The Aroma Wheel (Red)

The Aroma Wheel (White)

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