Nov 14, 2007

Block Pad of the Commis : Ideas & Tips (2)

1) Nougatine : Make a caramel in a pan. Add almond slices and mix well. On a parchment paper, pour and spread roughly. Working quickly, top with another parchment paper and roll on vigorously with a rolling pin to make it thin and even. When set and cool, remove the sheets and cut the nougatine in any shape you like.

TIP : you can pulverize the left-overs with a food processor and use the powder to sprinkle cakes and plates (e.g. on the top of a choux). Store it for a few weeks in a dry place.

2) Curved croutons : using slices of bread (loaf), remove the crust with a knife and cut the slice in triangle for example. You can use a tuile maker mold (see picture) to shape them. Store them in the freezer for a few minutes (to make them hold the shape). Bake until brown. Those curved croutons make nice decoration on your plates!

3) Terrine de crêpes : start to layer your terrine mold with plastic film. Then lay alternatively the crêpes and the crème pâtissière that will act as a cement between the layers. A rectangle mold will be easier to use with square crêpes. If you've made round crêpes, you should use a mixing bowl (cul-de-poule in French). I actually find that method easier!. For the cement, you could also use a coulis or any liquid you will make solid with gelatin (means you will have to work fast...).

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