Nov 19, 2007

Block Pad of the Commis : Ideas & Tips (3)

1) Bread Chips : a very easy way to make some chips using bread crumb. Take one slice of white bread loaf. Roll it very strongly to make it very thin. Use a cutter (emporte-pièce) or your knife to give it a nice shape. Toast it in the oven until brown. Examples of use :
Napoléon bouchée

2) Filo Fan Dessert Decoration : if you have left-over of filo dough, use it to make a nice dessert decoration. With a brush, spread melted butter on the dough (you can mix it with sugar, cocoa, honey, ...) and fold it to form a nice fan (éventail) shape. Hold the tip with a wooden stick and bake it for a couple of minutes until brown (watch out, it cooks very fast!)
By the way, this interesting website about Fillo dough

3) Potato fish scales : a very original way of cooking a fish using potato thin slices to form a scale-like skin. Here is a link to the video using that technique.

TIP : this is not mentioned in the video but you shouldn't let sit the potato slices in water (as you usually do after peeling potatoes to keep the color). That will help to keep the starch inside the potato to stick the slices together. You should also brush with melted butter which will act like a glue when cooking.

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