Nov 20, 2007

Semolina Flour : Great for Pasta Making

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, « Semolina is the inner, granular, starchy endosperm of hard or durum wheat (not yet ground into flour); used to make pasta and semolina milk pudding. It is the gritty, coarse particles of wheat left after the finer flour has been extracted. »
Up to me, Semolina is a great flour to make home made pasta, so easy to handle, never sticky and a nice yellow color for the final product. Semolina came to me by learning that Semolina was the right ingredient to spread on a sheet pan before laying the sheets of pasta dough. This was announced to prevent the sheet from sticking from the pan or between each other. Then, I bought one bag of "that" semolina stuff. At the back of it, I found that recipe I tried right away.

  • 1½ cup Semolina flour
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 2 eggs or 3 egg whites, beaten
  • 2 TBS water
  • 2 TBS olive oil

Comparatively to all-purpose flour I use in other recipes (see related posts), I found that dough very resistant and unbreakable, not becoming damp or soggy when using filling (even after a while). Of course depending on the time of cooking in boiling water, I found that the texture of the pasta was more "crunchy" and less smooth than the usual AP flour dough.

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