Dec 28, 2007

Escapades in Pays Basque : Two Ideas of Tapas

Tapas, typical amuse-bouches from Spain are also present in Pays Basque, which is divided between France and Spain. The first one is a Tournedos de Gambas au Jambon de Bayonne. Bayonne, one of the major cities in French Pays Basque, is famous for his smoked ham.

For non-French speakers, the tapa is prepared with one uncooked gambas peeled and stuffed with one prune, rolled in one Bayonne ham slice, the item being finaly rolled in a Brick sheet. On the video, the tapas is pan-fried but I would rather cook in the oven for less fat.

The second tapas - Consommé de crustacés en gelée au Caviar d'Aquitaine et Sauce au Piquillos - is prepared with a broth (gambas shells boiled in a fish fumet e.g.) jellyfied with a sheet of gelatine. The caviar is poured in the bottom of the Verrine (small glass used for amuse-bouche). On top of the gelée is spooned a piquillos sauce (same recipe as tomato sauce...). I love the contrast of colors here.

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