Dec 27, 2007

Escapades in Pays Basque : Special Sugar called Rapadura

For 2007 Christmas period, "Les Escapades" broadcasted a two-episod show about the regional Cuisine of the Pays Basque. This region is located on the Atlantic side of the Pyrenees. You can watch some pictures I took when visiting this fabulous part of France in 2006 here. From that show, I extracted different parts I found interesting for me about different ingredients or recipes, showing know-how and tips. The first extract mentioned a special sugar called Rapadura. Read what Wikipedia writes about Rapadura :
“ Rapadura is the Portuguese name for a traditional candy common in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Venezuela (where it is known as papelón) and the Caribbean. It is essentially pure dried sugarcane juice, in the form of a brick, and is largely produced on site at sugarcane plantations in the very warm tropical regions. It was originally created as an easier way to transport sugar. In Venezuela it is an essential ingredient for many typical recipes, and in some parts of the country, its use displaces refined sugar as a more accessible, cheaper and healthier sweetener.”

For French non-speakers, here are the characteristics mentioned in the short film. This sugar is unrefined, full and strong flavor, a nice color and a spice-liked taste.

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