Dec 27, 2007

Les Escapades de Petit Renaud : a French TV show I just love !

«Partez à la découverte des spécialités culinaires et des produits typiques de nos régions, avec Jean-Luc Petitrenaud». That's the slogan of one famous French TV program called Les Escapades de Petitrenaud offering you to discover the culinary specialities and typical products of our regions. What I like about the show is that it talks about traditional cuisine from the inside of restaurant kitchens with famous or anonymous Chefs. It is unpretentious, full of tips and historical facts, sincere and very refreshing. You could say one smells and tastes fresh products and flavorful cooking coming out from your TV set. Jean Luc Petitrenaud is full of humor, warm and making his guests very comfortable. That's easy to understand that he is a food lover, from France and other countries...

Watch it every week on FRANCE5 channel (unfortunately only in French...).
I also very much enjoy the opening of the show.


martin said...

I agree. Les Escapades de Petit Renaud is a work of art, the best of television cooking. My wife is French and we watch it in London on satellite tv - TV5. There is nothing like it anywhere else.

Passator75 said...

I'm an Italian home-chef and I think there isn't a tv program like it, se que de bonheur!