Jan 8, 2008

Block Pad of the Commis : Ideas & Tips From The Chef (4)

1) Appareil for tuiles aux 2 sésames
Mixing 4 egg whites, butter en pommade (soft at room temperature), flour + black and white sesame seeds. Quantities are said to be TANT POUR TANT (TpT), literally meaning "that much for that much" : first weigh the 4 egg whites. Add the same weight of butter and the seeds. Incorporate the same amount of flour. Don't overwork (otherwise the dough will shrink) but make sure you have no lump. On a silpad or a parchment-lined sheet pan, form the tuiles using an offset spatula or a spoon (you can use a template to form a nice shape). It might help if you rince the spatula or spoon in hot water between every tuile. Make also sure that the tuiles are not too close from each other. Bake at 275ºF/135ºC until golden.

2) Canapés de Quatre Quarts au Citron Meyer.
Quatre Quarts, meaning Four Quarters, is a famous cake recipe for its simplicity! Equal quantity of eggs, sugar, butter and flour. First, weigh the eggs. This is the reference. Mix the whole ingredients. Zest two lemons and add some poppy seeds (for the look!). Pipe out in small silicone moulds. Bake at 350ºF for a few minutes.

3) Sesame seeds crust for pan-seared fish fillet
Mix egg whites with sesame seeds. Brush on the fillets and fry in hot pan. Th temperature will cook the egg white with the seeds to form a crust.

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