Jan 25, 2008

Books : Ideas from Gourmandises by Le Notre

While having my dinner at The French Consulate when working, I sometimes leaf through some Culinary books. Tonight, I noticed a book called Gourmandises, by the famous pastry chef Gaston Lenôtre (Ed. Flammarion) and picked up some quick recipes at the chapter « How to receive ? ».

The first is a Canapé :

Pétales de radis noir à la mousse de céléri
Black radish chips with turnip mousse

The chips
  • Chop with a mandoline very thin slices of black radis

The turnip mousse

  • Peel and chop in chunks the turnip
  • Cook it in milk
  • Puree it with a blender
  • Bind it with some whipped cream
The Canapé
  • Pipe the mousse on the chips
  • Pass through both sides a toothpick
  • Top with dill herb


The second is a dessert (can also be served as a canapé by using a toothpick for example)

Figue rotie au miel et romarin
Roasted fig with honey and rosmary
  • Take fresh figs
  • Split them in 4 petals
  • Spoon ½ tsp of honey and rosmary
  • Cook in a 160ºC/320ºF oven for 10 to 15 mn
  • Serve with ½ tsp of crème fraiche
Cassolette* gambas aux abricots et réglisse confits
Large shrimp with crystalized abricot and liquorice

*Cassolette = Small cast iron cookware

  • Cook abricots and liquorice stick in a pan covered with water
  • Bring to a boil
  • Remove from heat and let infuse until cold
  • Strain and cut in small dices
  • Cook in honey and lemon juice on low heat (~50 gr honey and 10 cl lemon juice for 10 abricots)
  • Pan-sear the gambas in butter
  • Season with salt and pepper plus a pinch of cinnamon

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