Apr 5, 2008

One Year In New York : Why Abroad? Why New York (3)

I always wanted to live abroad, not on a short stay. As a tourist, I was always a little bit frustrated since I never had the chance to truly feel part of the local life. I already spent one year in London when I was a student and wished I could have stayed longer but I had to come back to France for military duty…

For a while, I was expecting to have some opportunities to work abroad when I was a salaried man but it never came. So I decided that it was better to organize your own expatriation than wait for somebody else to do it (or not…).
I never had the chance to visit it as a tourist but, since I have never met anybody disappointed by New York, I thought that it wouldn’t be too risky to stay there for a while. And we never regretted that choice, New York being such an amazing city for food lovers!

So cosmopolitan, so European, Asian, African and American like a quatre-quarts (pound cake). This was also a good opportunity to brush up my rusty English…

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