Apr 5, 2008

One Year In New York : Why The French Culinary Institute? (2)

In 2006, I watched a program on a French TV channel about The FCI in New York, USA “au pays de la mal-bouffe” , as it was said in the program (mal = tasteless / bouffe = grub or food).

I enjoyed my six-month program at the school, meeting skillful experienced instructors, some of them being also very good teachers (pedagogues), not only showing but also explaining the Why (le pourquoi)…

Of course, the school is expensive but staff, equipments, and teaching materials are really up-to-date. The placement desk is also very efficient with a huge network in Greater New York.

The curriculum is complete even if the fast paced program length doesn’t allow developing tour de main and savoir-faire. But the program gives the right keys to enter the culinary world in my opinion.

I found some of my American student mates educated and knowledgeable about French cuisine. I quickly understood that my only advantage here would be my ability to pronounce correctly French cooking terms (not enough to be a decent cook right?).

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