Jun 24, 2008

Books : Bouchées Exotiques {pour apéritifs créatifs}

Bouchées Exotiques {pour apéritifs créatifs} (by Mariko Ueno), meaning exotic bites for creative cocktail parties, a couple of ideas
Rigatoni skewer filled with beef meat, tiny asparagus and mozzarella
Roll of daikon slice and salmon (daikon soaked in lemon)
Melon and dried fig in Banyuls* wine skewer
*Fortified wine, red, rose or white from South West of France


But I also got other interesting recipes for other purposes. Here is the non-exhaustive list :

  1. Pineapple marinated in Pastis, fleur de sel and black pepper
  2. Carrots marinated in spices
  3. Apricot wrapped in leek and vinaigrette
  4. Tonkatsu Bouchée
  5. Marinated mussels with mango, curry and coconut cream
  6. Salmon tartar with goat cheese and almond slices
  7. Sea bass (bar) tartar with Wakamé seaweeds and capers
  8. Sardine carpaccio with pineapple and pine nut oil
  9. Sea Bream (daurade) carpaccio with peanuts and coriander
  10. Apple and celery rave soup

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