Jun 19, 2008

Menu Tasting Testing : Tocqueville (VI)

For the last lunch of one of my very good old friend (Didier) visiting us in New York , I was looking for a fine restaurant where I could show him that this city is really number one in mixing traditional (French) cuisine and imaginative cooking from the Nouveau Monde (New World). Not an easy task to find one on a Saturday noon. Most of the good restaurants here are closed for Saturday lunch or just propose Brunch formulas. I must say that I don't enjoy brunch. I can't really say why but I think that I feel like eating a English breakfast with eggs, bacon ant tomato ketchup... I should really try to break that idea one day before leaving New York...one day...

Anyway, I finely found that French restaurant, TOCQUEVILLE, with a nice unexpensive Pre-fixe Lunch menu with pairing for less that $40...($24 if you wish to stay sober...)

Golden beet tartar, goat cheese parfait and Banyuls wine syrup


Spring garlic puree, white eggplant cannelonni and pine nut brittle

Lightly smoked Bershire pork tenderloin, spaghetti squah rillette, crisp bacon


Cast-iron skillet roasted daurade, spinach puree, marrow bone flan, sauce gribiche

Banana bonbon, roasted baby finger bananas, caramel chantilly, bitter chocolate


Frozen tangerine souffle, citrus salad, black tea sorbet

Definitively a good spot to enjoy a good cheap but tastful lunch...

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