Jan 15, 2009

Thuriès Magazine / Jan. 09 (no. 206) : Recipes

Here is the first post I intend to write for each new issue of the fabulous Thuries Magazine, in which there are many ideas of recipes, plating and so on about the modern French gastronomy. I don't intend to write full recipes but some ideas that stuck my imagination and my taste. I think that will be an easier way of setting up menus for my clients rather than leafing through each issue...

Slices of potatoes cooked in a beet stock (p30)

Allows a nice plating decoration with bi-color slices of potatoes (red outside and yellow inside)

Chantilly cream flavored with tea (p31)
In the magazine, served with lobster tartare (use S&P for the Chantilly)
Lemon grass and chocolate bearnaise sauce (p36)
In the magazine, served with roasted prawns
Slice of parmesan paste (p40)

Served with a herbed crust lamb fillet
Chocolate and beet ganache (p51)

Served in a small chocolate cup (canapé)
Parsnip cream (p51)

Parsnip and caramel chocolate tartlet (canapé)
Pineapple frite confit in Argan oil (p52)
Lime blanc-manger (p 52)
Pina colada sorbet (p52)

These 3 elements are served as one dessert

Butternut squash confit with spices (p54)

Butternut sorbet (p54)

These 2 elements are served as one dessert with a millefeuille and a grué tuile

Milk chocolate and tea and cacao gelée (p58)
Bourdaloue biscuit (shredded pear and almond cream) (p58)

Served as a dessert with poached pear and pear sorbet

Milk chocolate and spices mousse (cardamome, anise star, cinnamon, clous de girofle, pepper) (p60)
White chocolate and smoked tea mousse (p60)
Pistachio financier (p63)
Mascarpone and vanilla pod cream (p63)

Apple and cider sorbet (p64)
Liquorice and fleur de sel sablé (p64)
Mango and carot sorbet (p66)

Dover sole from Dieppe (p72)
Poached clementine in honey, safran, lemon grass, ginger, lime, yuzu jus (p92)

Carot 2 ways with orange jus and orange flower water, curcuma, cardamome and safran (marinated and cooked) (p94)

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