Nov 20, 2008

Angel Hair...

Here is the technic of Cheveux d'Or (angel hair) used for decoration on that dessert. Here is the picture of the final product, a ball of angel hair topping a glass of red wine infused prunes, raspberries and sugared almond ice cream.

Procedure :

  • Prepare the caramel until blond dark
  • Remove the pan from the heat and stir until lukewarm and thickened
  • Form strings by dipping a whisk in the caramel and shaking it in a to and fro movement above another whisk or two steels securely hold (as the Chef did on the following picture)
  • Quickly form a ball with your hands with the strings (before the caramel becomes cold and brittle)
  • Reheat the caramel whenever the caramel turns too cold and the strings become too thick
  • Store the balls of angel hair on parchment paper.
Tip ! protect your working area with a cut garbage bag on the floor

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