Apr 21, 2009

The Blockpad of the Commis : Ideas & Tips (7)

1) For your salmon toast, try this flavored butter : aneth and pastis (famous alcohol from Marseille, with anis)

2) Chocolate uses :
chocolate more than 70% = use for tart
chocolate less than 70% or milk chocolate = use for mousse
white chocolate = decoration or mousse (but very fragile, so you should consider the addition of gelatine)
TIP : Add butter to make your chocolate shinning

3) Seasoning for fresh fois gras - for 1 kg : salt = 10 gr, sugar = 5 gr, pepper = 3 gr

4) Use the technique of monter au beurre by hand (with a bit of butter in the sauce, you swirl the pan until melted) only for brown sauces - otherwise your sauce will lose its color)

Use a hand blender with butter only for white sauce

5) Where doing a Crème patissière (pastry cream), substitute flour with corn starch to obtain a lighter apparel and a quicker cooking time

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