Apr 5, 2009

Thuriès Magazine / Mar. 09 (no. 207) : Recipes

Following my first post started with No. 206 Thuries Magazine (Jan. 2009), here is the one regarding the No. 207 (Mar. 2009). As a reminder, I intend to write for each new issue ideas of recipes that stuck my imagination and my taste. So here are my choices for this month :

Seaweed butter (P28)
Coffee Oil (P28)
--> Infuse coffee beans in grape seed oil for 35mn. Mix and strain
Colored salt pedestal for clam shell & use of chopstick set to present croutons (P29)
Watercress broth (P30)
Shrimps in jelly (P30)
Morel coulis (P32)
Roblechon cheese and rum emulsion (P32)
Golden apple, spinach and wasabi puree (P33)
Nuts, crunchy rice and grué tuile (P36)
Nuts, safran and cinnamon cream (P36)
Chestnut mousse (P38)
Chestnut mousse (P38)
White tea sorbet (P38)
Coffee and rum emulsion (P38)
Crousti peanut, banana and parsley (P40)
Carrot raviolis (P52)
Tatin crumble (P61)
Exotic caramel (P66)
--> passion fruit, banana, mango
Earl grey tea sablé (P70)
Orange lace tuile (P82)
Sardine tartar (P86)
Strawberry and balsamic carpacio (P93)
Roasted in cardamom syrup pineapple skewer (P100)
Normand ice cream (P100)
--> calvados, pommeau and cider

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