Aug 7, 2009

Savoir-faire : video about the making of Macarons

Here is a complete video lesson regarding the making of Macarons (unfortunately in French!) published on one of my favorite cooking website,
In this very detailed program, the Chef prepares a French meringue rather than a Italian Meringue (sugar is added cooked) which brings better texture and stability upon my experience... I would suggest to do so even if the making of it can be a little tricky (see my previous post here).
A recent evolution in the very popularized macaron, first by Pierre Hermé, is the creation of savory macarons. One example here with this chive and goat cheese macaron, found on In fact, only the filling is savory since that would technically be impossible to prepare the meringue for the body (2 halves) of the macaron without any sugar !


Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing this! Sadly, for me, I don't speak french. But it's great to watch what they are doing and I can *hopefully* figure it out from there. I am a novice but have a growing passion for french food. I enjoy your blog.

Le Chef Bleu said...

Thank you Leslie for being one of my followers! Enjoy my posts.