Sep 27, 2009

Sweet ideas and recipes...from Thuries Magazine Sep. 2009

From the last issue of Thuriès Magazine (no.212, Sep. 2009), here are a few ideas and recipes that stroked my imagination when reading…
A Pate à choux recipe flavored with Tonka bean, star anise and cinnamon. From the usual basic recipe, at the first step when you boil the milk for sanitation reasons, you just have to add the spices at that moment… The Pate à choux is stuffed with light poppy (coquelicot) cream in the recipe presented in the magazine…
A very-easy-to-handle recipe for orange tuiles (see related post on tuiles).
Usually, whenever I prepare tuiles for sweets at a cocktail or a final touch for a dessert, I found the baked tuiles difficult to handle, I have to act fast to cut them or give them a nice shape just after baking, otherwise they will crack… This recipe gives the tuiles a flexible texture for a few minutes which let you with plenty of time to deal with a full sheet pan of tuiles.
Tuile orange craquante (yield 70 2,5 in. tuiles) : 100 gr orange juice, 25 gr lemon juice, 250 gr sugar, 125 gr melted butter, 75 gr flour
Mix all ingredients. After adding the flour, don’t over mix (or your dough will become elastic and tough). Let rest for 1 hour. Form tuiles on a silpat. Bake at 350 F. until golden (7-8 mn)
Those tuiles are used to build a Napoleon (mille feuilles in French) with a Yuzu lemon pastry cream and small strawberries (fraises des bois in French).
Another recipe of tuiles with strawberries… served with a light cream of strawberries, a redberries coulis and a “sablé Breton”.
For 10 tuiles : 125 gr sugar, 25 gr flour, 50 gr strawberry juice, 60 gr melted butter
And Tuiles made of orange and honey, served in a glass with melon, sable Breton and Grand Marnier
For 4 tuiles : 25 gr sugar, 25 gr honey, 40 gr butter, Juice of 1 orange, 20 gr flour
An interesting vodka/thyme granité …
4 guests : 250 gr water, 125 gr sugar, one vanilla bean, 50 gr Vodka, 5 gr thyme
A dark chocolate and Cognac XO soufflé I will have to try soon…
For 8 guests : 1 l milk, 10 yolks, 80 gr sugar, 60 gr cream powder (note from the blue chef, I should be able to substitute it with an-easier-to-find cornstarch product), 300 gr 70% chocolate, 100 gr powdered cocoa, 100 gr cognac XO, 400 gr whites (around 13), 100 gr sugar.
By the way, the keys to a successful soufflé are mentioned in some posts here.
A Fleur de Sel caramel mousse paired with a potato ice cream !


Leslie said...

The Tuiles that you've mentioned here sound heavenly. Sadly I've never had one but I mean to change that! "The Napoleon (mille feuilles in French) with a Yuzu lemon pastry cream and small strawberries (fraises des bois in French)" must be amazing. And the luscious dark chocolate cognac souffle -- my goodness, I do enjoy visiting your blog!

ecath said...

I wish i could make them...