Sep 27, 2009

Salty ideas and recipes...from Thuries Magazine Sep. 2009

More ideas on the “salty side” of the 2009 September issue of Thuriès magazine :
An interesting variation of pesto with arugula served with a gaspacho…
Arugula pesto (for 4 guests) : 100 gr arugula, 25 gr roasted almonds, 25 gr Parmesan, 100 gr olive oil
Foie gras served with roasted melon slices :
for one 8-slice melon, make a syrup with 500 gr water with 150 gr sugar + four-spice blend (ginger, cinnamon, pepper, clove). Pour on the slices and let infuse for half a day. Strain the slices and roast them briefly.
A marinated salmon in walnut, hazelnut oil, coriander, S&P
Monkfisk breaded in Asian shrimp chips crumbs plus an emulsion of carrot and ginger
Additionally, before paner à l’anglaise, make an incision in the fillet and add a slice of bacon and a basil leaf. Mix the shrimp chips in a robot (add lemon and lime zest and cayenne or Espelette pepper) section. Bread the fish with the crumbs and bake in a oven at 175 C./ 350 F. for 6-8 minutes
By the way, I found that culinary equipment pro website where you can buy the latest issues of Thuriès right in the shop in New York or online…

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