Oct 2, 2009

Tested recipe of Pâte Sablée for an almond cream and raspberry tart

Please find this tested recipe of a "pâte sablée" (litteraly sandy dough in French) that you can use confidentaly for your sweet tarts... I used that one with an almond cream recipe with a little addition of milk to help the cream to set in the dough.

Pâte sablée (for twelve 2.5-inch tartlets)
250 gr. flour
200 gr. soft butter (en pommade)
100 gr. almond powder
75 gr. sugar
3 egg yolks
Zest of a lemon

Crème aux amandes (almond cream)
Mix well (blanchir) butter (100 gr), sugar (200 gr) and eggs (3)
Add some rum and vanilla and then almond powder (200 gr)
For that dessert, had milk (1/4 of the total weight) and whisk.

In tartlet moulds that you brushed twice with melted butter, set the dough and form a nice shape on the rim pushing gently with your thumbs.
Remove the excess of dough on the top border of the rim with a sharp knife you will run horizontally.
Poke the dough with a fork at the base of the dough (to prevent air holes to form when baking).
Pour the almond cream in the mould taking care not to overflow.
Put the moulds on a sheet pan and bake at 350 F. until golden brown (turn the sheet pan once at half time to guarantee a homogeneous color.
Cool down on a rack and unmold carefully (the baked dough is fragile like sand...) with a spatulas. Top with red berries for example...

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