Jan 11, 2010

Spaghetti Flower as a Dessert Deco!

Found in the last copy of Thuriès Gastronomie Magazine, this very imaginative way of using a spaghetti as a flower for the plating of a dessert called "L'Orange au Mascarpone".

Here is the procedure : soak the spaghetti in hot water. On a Silpat, shape the petals and the sprig of the flower with the spaghetti. Place at the center a very thin slice of orange powdered with ice sugar and dry in the oven at 70 C./160 F. for 6-8 hours.

But I question myself :

Is this spaghetti flower edible ? Instead of using warm water, I would rather soak it in a simple syrup to make it sweeter to taste. Another option could also be to fry it after the oven stage ?!?!? Well, I will soon test the idea and let you know what is the best result...

This dessert is also served with another inovative deco : orange sorbet scooped in a cup formed with thin orange slices and powder sugar dried in an oven.

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