Mar 9, 2010

My recipe for a salted caramel ice cream

Here is the recipe of a salted caramel ice cream that I used at my work for an official dinner, with great success... The recipe is said to be the one of Pierre Hermé, the french king of macaron making...

The caramel :
150 gr sugar
35 gr salted butter
50 ml heavy cream

The cream :
500 ml milk
100 ml heavy cream
5 egg yolks
70 gr sugar

Procedure :

Prepare an amber caramel... Off heat, add butter then heavy cream. If necessary, reheat to obtain a smooth texture. The caramel is added to the cream and milk after boiling. Then follow the usual procedure for the making of the crème anglaise.

The ice cream was a success from guests, kids to parents. In fact, the secret is in the choice of the salted butter... A very good butter will make the difference. For example, I used the famous A.O.C. Beurre Echiré

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