Apr 2, 2010

Recipe for a White Chocolate Mousse

Before writing this post about a good tested~tasted recipe for a white chocolate mousse, I browsed on the web and found some numerous interesting stuffs on blogs and culinary sites.

Such as a variation flavored with the famous Limoncello liquor, from (south) Italy, and olive oil. I haven't - yet - tested that promising recipe found on the following blog.

On that blog, I found an example of translucent tuile (I am a huge fan of them, check posts on my blog with the label tuile) thanks to the use of glucose and grué (ground and torrified cocoa bean fragment).

Or here with the addition of a roasted fig confit in sugar and saffron.

And finally, the recipe of "my" white chocolate mousse (yield=4-6 glasses).

Soak 2 gelatin sheets in cold water ... Melt 150 gr white chocolate (couverture) in a bain marie (container over simmering water),,, mix (blanchir) 5 large egg yolks and 4 TBS sugar ... Once melted, add the yolk+sugar mixture and the strained gelatin and mix vigorously ... Don't hesitate to reheat on the bain marie (if the mixture is too cold, the gelatin won't incorporate homogeneously...)... Add 250 ml whipped heavy cream and quickly pour in a jar or glasses ... Refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

Suggestions : flavor with Cointreau, Amaretto or a few drops of Jasmin extract...


Four n'Friends said...

White chocolate mousse sounds like a great dessert for Easter dinner. I would like to see it on a dessert menu at a restaurant. I will report it if I do on prixfixelunchrevuenyc.blogspot.com

Le Chef Bleu said...

Thanks. You are good at promoting your blog! I will try the mousse with lemoncello and olive oil this weekend...

Edda said...

Wow, a great, creamy and fresh dessert!
Have a nice week end!

kousalya said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life

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