Jun 23, 2010

Whenever I prepare a dessert (mousse, bavarois, ...) requiring a coulis or a sauce, I always have an issue with how to serve it. There is the usual way of shaping in a comma form with the back of a table spoon - but doesn't allow a sufficient amount to my taste!!! - or a large ladle will do it but the central dessert piece would look more like an island in the center of a red or brown sea...
On this French
blog, I found the perfect solution, a cavity in the dessert itself...It requires some techniques and a few equipments (such as mini-muffins Flexipan ®, circles and rhodoïd) but the result is outstanding. From the pictures in the slideshow, you can imagine the pleassure of scooping the first bit while having the caramel sauce or strawberry coulis slowly coating your plate!

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