Aug 24, 2011

French style pizza-like : Alsatian Flammekueche

While being recently in Korea, I prepared a tarte flambée or flammekueche just for the sake of demonstrating to locals that Frenchs also have pizza-like options such as pissaladiere for example. Well, flam's is mainly crème fraiche (heavy cream) and/or fromage blanc (impossible to find here in Seoul...), bacon and sliced onion baked at high temperature (max T.) on a thin crust.
The traditional crust id a pate à pain so requires yeast (difficult to fin in Seoul ;-)) so I used this quick easy to make crust dough found on this site which worked well for me. I used only half glass of water otherwise the dough is too sticky.
The dough has to be very very thin otherwise it won't be crusty even after 10 mn (soggy or unbaked because of the crème fraiche). I also found that precooking the sliced onions in a pan gave a better result to get rid of their water content and to guarantee crustiness.
You can add cornstarch to thicken the crème fraiche or fromage blanc or mix with an egg yolk
Here is the recipe for the dough :
  • 250 g flour
  • 1/2 dl oil
  • Pinch of salt
  • Half glass of tepid water
  • No yeast
  • Mix salt and flour. Form a well. Add oil and water.
  • Incorporate with a fork or using the flat beater of your kitchen robot.
  • Mix all ingredients by hand or using the hook on your robot.
  • Roll the dough until very very thin shaping it in a circle or rectangle.
  • Place on a greased sheet pan, add the ingredients and bake at 250 C./500 F. for around 10 mn.

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