Oct 19, 2011

Crémet Dessert : A feast of the Gods

My first encounter with this sweet cheese mousse, originating from the French Region of Anjou in Western France, was at The French Culinary Institute during the Level 5 session at the Restaurant Pastry Station. 
A few weeks ago, I ran into it again at my work when a NY French Caterer, Tastings, was serving it for a dinner.
I remember this very smooth and refreshing dessert pairing well with a red berry coulis, prepared very much like a soft cheese drained through cheese clothes. The FCI recipe was more elaborated than the original one found in that region : a simple mix of whipped Crème Fraiche (40 gr), egg whites (2) soft peak beaten  and 75 gr of vanilla sugar (sucre vanillé).
Another variation (called Crémet d'Angers from the local town of the region) adds Fromage Blanc to the ingredients (40 gr crème fraiche, 4 egg whites, 400 gr fromage blanc, 75 gr vanilla sugar).
By the way, the title of the post comes from the quotation of a famous French foodist, writing in 1921 that the Crémet was a feast of the gods ("un régal des Dieux").

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