Feb 19, 2012

Syrup Recipe with Exotic flavors...

A recipe for an exotic syrup mixing tastes of mango, ginger, lemon grass and vanilla. A syrup is traditionally cooked sugar and water which formes a syrupy texture. It is traditional used in French desserts to soak biscuits (genoise, jelly roll...) and can be flavored with rum for the famous baba au rhum...

  • Water 1 l
  • Sugar 250 gr
  • Mango coulis 200 gr
  • Fresh Ginger 30 gr (shredded)
  • Lemon grass 2 sticks (cut in 2 or 3  lengthwise)
  • Vanilla 2 beans
  • Liquor 25 gr
  • Add all ingredients (except liquor) in a pot and boil until sugar is dissolved
  • Off the heat, cover to infuse for 5 mn
  • Strain and add the liquor. Cool down

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