Jun 3, 2007

New Pasta Machine : enjoy the pleasure of fresh pasta making

I just bought a pasta machine : a cheap one, $29.90, made in China of course... not Italy, but still quite good. The machine was sold with a Fellucini/Spaghetti cutter attachment. I also bought a Ravioli attachment but I didn't find that device convenient at all. So I just brought it back to the shop. Instead, I rather use a mise en place cup to form and seal my ravioli. And that gives them a nice round shape.

Making your own pasta can be endless pleasure, from the dough to the multiple to-be-invented filling combinations. You can prepare the dough with children as it doesn't require to be handle with care. Indeed, you have to work again and again your dough for about 10 mn to develop the requested elasticity (the gluten), it is just like playing with clay for them !!!
For example, pate brisee, sablee, or feuilletee SHOULD NOT be overworked at all, otherwise it will turn to be tough and elastic. So pasta dough is the perfect recipe with kids !
  • And they will have more fun if you add carrot, spinach or other colorful vegetables to your dough.
  • It is also possible to mix with pureed garlic even though it won't color the dough.
  • Vegis are only for coloring your dough: they don't bring much flavor, except garlic of course...

But to handle the thin sheets of dough, you will probably have to do it on your own, as these are very fragile and must be handle with care.

Here is the recipe I used for the dough :

  • 1 egg
  • 110 grams all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon milk

1. Put the flour on a work surface or in a bowl. Form a well in the center.

2. Add the egg, oil and milk to the well, and beat with a fork.

3. Incorporate the flour from the sides in the liquid with a fork.

4. When ingredients are well mixed, form the dough into a ball and knead for 10 mn, or until the dough is smooth and tough like leather.

5. Cover and refrigerate. Let rest for 1 hour. The longer it rests, the easier it will be to roll out.

If preparing ravioli, you may use Ricotta cheese (refer to one previous post for recipe) plus other various ingredients for the filling.

Examples of filling recently made :

Onions (ciseler) + Green pepper (ciseler) + Mushrooms (ciseler) + 1 teaspoon olive oil + 1 beaten egg + salt and cayenne

Dijon mustard + ham (ciseler) + parmesan

Gravy sauce + mushrooms + Chorizo + Tarragon

Peppercorn crushed + heavy cream + brandy + shallot + bacon (lardons)
*Ciseler means cut in small dices (2-3 mm)...

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