Sep 27, 2007

Block Pad of the Commis : Ideas & Tips

1) Crème pâtissière (pastry cream) : infuse Verbena in the boiling milk (instead of vanilla bean in the traditional recipe)
Some recipes of Crème pâtissière call for egg yolks : you can use whole eggs for a lighter cream...
You can also add Crème fouettée (whipped cream)

2) Salade aux segments d'orange et pamplemousse au gingembre confit

Orange and grapefuit segment salad with chopped sugared ginger

3) Powdered black rice to saute a fish : using a blender, powder black rice very finely and coat one skinless side of fish filet. Saute in a sauteuse

4) Cook fennel or asparagus in a citrus broth : orange juice+lemon juice+star anise pod+olive oil+salt&pepper

5) Store fresh Foie Gras in milk and ice in order to clean blood from vein

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