Mar 16, 2008

My demo on How to Create a Simple Hors d'Oeuvres Party at Home

Last Feb. 16, 2008 at Isabel's Gourmet Kitchen, I organized a demo in front of 30 guests, mainly Korean. My goal for this demo was very simple : to show how easy it is to prepare very simple but tasteful and eye-catching hors d'oeuvres or petits fours in your own home kitchen and without professional or expensive equipments. I also show that you don't have to buy expensive "decorium" items to present creative trays for your party. Just use your imagination and some cheap ingredients to create lovely presentations (see this post about creative trays plating).

Here was the menu I set up for that 2 hour demo :
  1. Bread Chips with basil pesto and goat cheese cream
  2. Fish tartar on two sesame tuiles
  3. Gruyere & Parmesan savory choux
  4. Lime quatre quarts one-bit
  5. Fruits and pastry cream filo shells

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