Mar 16, 2008

2 Ideas on Web site

I previously mentionned this website in one of my previous post about professional chefs presenting their own recipes in video, This site is unfortunately only for French listeners but I suggest that you watch the video.
Here is the first idea found in the following recipe Moelleux au coeur coulant de chocolat (Chocolate Volcano Cake) , the way the Chef uses a spoon and a fork (with cocoa powder) as a template to create a nice plating for a dessert. Please watch the video to find out about the technique used...

I also noticed that second recipe, Oeuf en neige au coeur fondant (Stiff egg white with volcano yolk) where I found this interesting and unusual way of cooking eggs. One egg is separated between yolk and white. The white is beaten stiff and used as a filling in one mould to coat the egg yolk. Please watch this video to discover in details the technique used...

The name of the recipe actually refers to one famous dessert called Oeuf à la neige. Another denomination is Ile flottante (floating island) in which the texture of the beaten egg white looks like snow (neige in French).

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