Apr 21, 2008

Four Roast Chicken Variations (F&W, April 2008)

In the last Food and Wine April 2008 issue, I found out different interesting variations for roasting a chicken. Click here for the link... Please find some additions/tips from my own personal experience in roasting a chicken that are not mentioned in that article :

1) Stuff the cavity of the chicken with a maximum of aromatics and ingredients (it will help moisten and flavor the flesh from the inside)

2) Sear the whole chicken on the four sides in a hot-screaming pan to give a nice golden brown color (known as the Maillard reaction...) and the crunchiness to the skin before putting in the roasting pan in the oven

3) Bast the chicken frequently with the cooking jus

4) Using a fork, lift the whole chicken to check the running juice : if running clear, it is cooked, if it is still red, it needs more time in the oven

Herb-and-Lemon-Roasted Chicken : Rosemary, thyme, lemon, onion with a garlic-lemon zest-herbs butter

Moroccan Roasted Chicken : Dates, dried abricots, garlic and onion with a ground cumin-coriander-sweet paprika-cayenne-cinnamon butter (plus Asian fish sauce before serving)

Ginger-Roasted Chicken : Ginger, garlic, serrano chiles, onion, lime with garlic-ginger

Curry-Roasted Chicken : Garlic, tomatoes, serrano chiles, onion with a garlic-madras curry butter (plus Greek-style yogurt just before serving)

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